Pacific Palisades Raccoon And Opossum Trapping

Gopher Extermination

Gopher Guys, aka Rodent Guys, are the gopher extermination specialists in Southern California. Gopher Guys provides both standard and child friendly gopher extermination services.  You are in the correct place for for Pacific Palisades raccoon and opossum trapping.

Pacific Palisades Gopher Control

Gopher control in Southern California has actually taken a shift in the previous few years including in Pacific Palisades, CA. Laws have actually changed, readily available poisons have actually altered and lots of companies have even stopped offering gopher service or have closed their doors.

Pacific Palisades raccoon and opossum trapping

Rodent Guys has actually advanced with the ever changing gopher control efforts right here in So Cal. After the availability of efficient poisonous substance diminished, Rodent Guys moved to non-poison techniques as their primary control approach. Non-poison approaches were offered for years from Rodent Guys, it has actually now moved to the go-to approach for gopher extermination.

Gopher Trapping in Pacific Palisades

Gopher traps are utilized underground in the tunnel system. The traps are embedded in numerous areas of the backyard where the technician knows the gopher will take a trip. As the gopher travels through the tunnel and faces to trap it closes in on the rodent. Traps are set and then checked in 2-8 days depending upon the schedule and professional referral. More information at .

Gas Injection

After the traps are examined, carbon monoxide could be utilized in the tunnels. This optional method is used in most of the preliminary gopher removal clear out. The carbon monoxide is injected into the burrows to push out all the available oxygen.

The gophers in the tunnel that come into contact with the carbon monoxide perish in the tunnels. In these cases the gopher is not retrieved. This second extermination approach is a great back up to the trapping efforts.

Gopher Guarantee for Pacific Palisades

The guarantee for gophers is 60 days from beginning of the control process. Once the initial trip(s) is completed, all gopher mounds will be flattened out. If you understand more piles you will understand you have had more gophers move in. Throughout the 60 day warranty period you can call Rodent Guys back out at no additional cost. Rodent Guys is the the ones to call for Pacific Palisades raccoon and opossum trapping in all of Southern California.

Mole Control

Moles have a larger tunnel system. Your index finger will typically have a snug fit into the tunnel.


Regulating moles is done with trapping, carbon monoxide and a low toxicity toxin. Techniques are figured out by the soil conditions, client’s demands and technician’s feeling.

Mole Trapping

When traps are deployed they are put throughout the tunnel system in your Pacific Palisades {yard|landscape]. The mole traps are usually put in several locations around the backyard. The number of traps is based on how much tunnel shows up and soil conditions.

Gassing Moles

Carbon Monoxide can also be injected into the tunnel. When the tunnel is filled the oxygen level in the tunnel falls below a livable amount. The difficulty with moles is that they can be several homes away, because their tunnel system is that large. Many have heard of our company because of this process and our raccoon and opossum trapping services.

Mole Poison

Low dosage toxin can also be made use of for moles. Unlike gopher poisonous substance, mole poisonous substance is low strength and much safer.

Mole Guarantee in Pacific Palisades

Mole service features a 60 day guarantee from the start of the project. If even more activity is noticed during the warranty Rodent Guys can be called out at no additional cost.  This is why people call us for these services and Pacific Palisades raccoon and opossum trapping.

Squirrel Removal

Ground squirrels are a common issue in Southern California. Unlike a gopher or mole, squirrels live both below and above ground. Their burrows are used to sleep, live and hide among their communal family members.

Pacific Palisades Pest Control Service

Squirrels can be removed with a number of different techniques. The approaches range from catching to carbon monoxide to poisonous substance. Poisons are generally performed in commercial applications.

Squirrel Trapping

Trapping ground squirrels is our typical strategy for controlling them. Traps are set in locations where squirrels will be able to get into to them and get caught in the traps. We generally make use of traps that hold a number of squirrels in each trap.

Traps need to be examined every day by either the property owner or tenant. Rodent Guys will examine traps each day if this is not possible. This is not the preferred method due to the fact that it enhances the expenses.

Gassing Squirrels

Carbon monoxide gas can be forced into the squirrels burrows. As the gas is injected it presses the oxygen from the system. Once the environment is below a habitable level the ground squirrels will die underground.

This effective technique has good results. The failure to this method is it only results the ground squirrels that are in the tunnel during the treatment.

Squirrel Poison

Rodent Guys does not prefer poisons used for rodents unless needed. In areas where Rodent Guys agrees to utilize it, it will be placed in bait holders that don’t enable animals larger than a squirrel to get in. Eliminating all ground squirrels can be challenge and not possible in some city places.

Dealing with one home will not remove the ground squirrel populace in the city. Grounds squirrels understood on the home are not constantly surviving the property. Often times they see from close-by properties and are hard to treat given that they only visit from time to time. For these reasons we do not ensure ground squirrels. We will be able to thin out the populace, and it’s possible to eliminate squirrels surviving your property.  Along with Pacific Palisades raccoon and opossum trapping, Rodent Guys are the squirrel tamers.

Rodent Control in Pacific Palisades

From the name Rodent Guys, there is no doubt what our specialty is. From rats in the attic to opossums, skunks and raccoon, all are covered by Rodent Guys.

Pacific Palisades Gopher Extermination and Rodent Control

Rat Extermination in Pacific Palisades

Rats in the attic is our most usual rodent call. The pest control technician will examine the home to discover entry points. The attic is the most typical place for rats to live. They make nests, have babies and utilize the insulation as a restroom.

The time to obtain rid of rats in the attic is as soon as you know they exist. The professional will set traps to get rid of the rats and it is recommended to seal off all entry points, which is known as exclusion.

Excluding rats from your residential is a sluggish tedious job. All holes bigger than a quarter have to be discovered and sealed off with product they can not chew through. Expansion foam ought not to be utilized or only as a last result as rats can chew right through it.

Wildlife Trapping

Raccoon trapping, along with opossum and skunks, is another common call.  Our licensed trappers will place traps for skunks or other animals with bait to entice them in.  All trapping for opossums and other big animals will be serviced with in the laws stated by the Department of Fish and Game.

Pasadena Trapper for Gophers

When animals have actually entered into the attic and made use of the insulation as a washroom it is suggested to eliminate the insulation and replace with new fresh insulation. The attic insulation is eliminated with a large vacuum and put into disposable bags located outside.

Attic Cleaning

When the vacuuming procedure is finished, brand-new insulation is delivered into the attic. This makes a clean environment and in many cases will insulate your house better than previously.  We hire Pest Control Insulation Guys ( for our attic services in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Pasadena Rodent Trapping Company

Call us today for further questions about Pacific Palisades raccoon and opossum trapping for your residence or other property.